XBox Titanfall One unleash the power of the future!

186.3K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 05/09/2017

The future is near gamers and if you have ever asked yourself what the next gaming console generation is going to look like today's viral news is just for you! Here we go the custom Titanfall XBox One gamers!

As one of the most successful XBox One games ever Titanfall is a true gem in the FPS category with its futuristic world that took inspiration from iconic sci-fi movies such as Blade Runner, Star Wars and Ghost in the Shell!

A great game that absolutely needed a great tribute as the wonderful custom skin you can admire from the photos above gamers! The controller is a special limited edition also so, if you really are into gaming rarities, this is something you should really be considering to add to your collection straight away!

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