If you got a sweet tooth you can taste this Twisted Ice Cream!

123.7K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 26/09/2017

Video games sometimes can be creepy, weird and even gory like the legendary Twisted Metal series and today we are going to show you a gorgeous car that will drive you crazy gamers! Here we go Sweeth Tooth bloody ice cream van!

The first Twisted Metal game was released on PSX in 1995 and since then this really bizarre demolition derby vehicular combat video game became really popular among gamers, so much that an outstanding number of 10 titles were produced under the franchise name during the last 22 years!

The clown fever is really high these days so we have decided to go back to the past and show you a really badass van replica owned by the iconic Twisted Metal character Sweeth Tooth, built for the 2011 E3 event to present the latest installment of the game series! Ice cream anyone gamers?

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