5+ Amazing Artwork Will Show You The Cutest And Tiniest Side Of Gaming Ever!

By Peter Galvagno - 23/01/2018

Video games can be dark, violent, brutal but also colorful and joyful of course! Today gamers we are going to show some gaming artworks that will melt your hearts with cuteness!

During many years of gaming we have learned to love iconic characters such as Mario, Link, Cloud and many more through incredible video games they feature in!

Not all video games heroes are created equal, some of them are really tough and athletic while others looks chubby and clumsy and now, thanks to a really talented artist, all of them looks as cute as ever!

The amazing artworks you can admire here gamers have been drawn by the pro comics artist Derek Laufman and as you have already guessed it right, he is a specialist in Chibi art style!
Super deformed versions of Solid Snake and the Ripper make them look really harmless but it doesn't matter how tiny and cute a hero is as long as he (or she) will fight with all his might!


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