Artist Reimagined Modern Video Games As Classic Sci-Fi Books And The Result Is Really Outstanding!

By Peter Galvagno - 09/01/2018

Media formats have changed a lot during the last century. Through books, movies and now video games, we have been entertained through amazing stories that have taken us into distand and fascinating worlds and today gamers we make a jump into the past where famous games were incredible Sci-Fi novels!

In order to engage players a game need a great combination of art style, gameplay, challenges and of course an appealing story. During the 30's a new Literary genre was born, the Science Fiction!
Sci-Fi combined adventure and hypothetical scenarios created by scientific speculation and nowadays we are assisting to the return of this really appealing genre!

A video games lover and a Sci-Fi enthusiast such as KnerdKraft from Washington has managed to mix the two of them and creating amazing artwork where famous modern games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Skyrim and Star Wars BattleFront 2 turn into spectacular vintage Science Fiction books covers! Every Artwork looks totally legit and coming from the golden age of Sci-Fi literature and if you love the genre as we do you can always the official Etsy page of the artist here gamers! KnerdKraft


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