This incredible "The Walking Dead" game cosplay will make you look twice!

104.8K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 18/09/2017

Cosplay let us come closer to our favourite video games characters and sometimes the distance is so small that becomes hard to distinguish dreams from reality! Today's viral news is all about an amazing Clementine cosplay from The Walking Dead series gamers!

The Walking Dead tv show has been an incredible success since it started back in 2010 and great games soon followed by such as the critics acclaimed Telltale's homonymous adventure game that expanded the series universe introducing even more iconic characters!

Among The Walking Dead game characters Clementine is obviously the most famous one and of course a lot of female gamers have chosen her during the years for their cosplay costumes just like Irina Sabetskaya recently did doing a quite impressive work indeed!
This tricky eyes cosplay makes Irina looks like as cel-shaded character from the game thanks the great makeup she did on herself! If you wanna see more about the beautiful and talented Irina you can follow her on Instagram gamers! @irina_sabetskaya

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