"We Happy Few" becomes a movie!

Peter Galvagno - 03/04/2017

Once upon a time the video games industry used to take inspiration from Hollywood blockbusters and the results were often really disappointing but since video games have entered the movie industry great projects have came to life in the past few years such as the Resident Evil franchise, Assassin's Creed, and Hitman and today's viral news gamers is about a new movie that will bring to the theaters one of the most anticipated indie survival horror video game ever: We Happy Few!

Developed and published by Compulsion Games for PCs and Xbox One "We Happy Few" tells a bizzare story set in 1964, in an alternative universe where Germans conquered the Europe after WWII.
After being invaded by Germany, the inhabitants of the fictional island of Wellington Wells in UK, the city where the game take place, in order to forget all the terrible things they did during the war they researched and created a new hallucinogenic drug know as the "Joy", able to maintain people in a permanent state of happiness and euphoria.
Some of the inhabitants of the island seem to be immune to the drug though and soon the population is split into 2 groups, the "Wellies", wearing a white "Happy Face" mask who are addicted to the "Joy" drug and being easily manipulated to commit any atrocities with no sign of remorse and the "Wastrels", the immune subjects who are forced to live outside the city where, due the war traumas, start to become completely insane.

A very mature and interesting plot that will be brought to the cinema by Dj2 Entertainment, a studio that is already working on 2 others video games movies based on Sleeping Dogs and Sonic the Hedgehog respectively!
To see that even indie games are becoming an inspiration for Hollywood making us hope that this trend will continue in the future so that to bring new life into an industry that has been engulfed by sequels and reboots for too long.

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