The touching story behind this custom XBox will brings tears in your eyes

46.5K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 14/05/2017

Video games and everything related to them are among the most desiderable gifts and when a great gift come from the heart it becomes a treasure, a truly valuable one. Today's viral story is about 2 friends, a special gift and a heart melting story gamers.

Several years ago a guy known with the nickname of ShotzyProps received from his best friend an old XBox as a gift. It wasn't much, the console was a broken one but surely ShotzyProps appreciated it. The years pass and life goes on, and sometimes, life can get the wrong turn and really nasty things can happen. ShotzyProps's friend mother died not so long ago and just 6 months apart from the tragic loss even his childhood dog died.

A really hard time for the poor guy but it is in moments like those one that true friendship shows up. ShotzyProps then decided to prepare a gift for the unlucky friend in order to relieve, even for a little while, his huge pain. It was then that he remembered the old Xbox he received years earlier and so he thought about to give it back and this time completely restored, in order to remind to his friend that life can start over again in spite of all the obstacles that we have to face along our path.

A really touching story that show us that friendship is the only thing that really prevent us to fall apart in this crazy life.

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