Girlfriend's anniversary gift shows true gaming love

124.6K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 03/10/2017

A gamers couple have their own unique way to express love to each other and today we are going to show you the incredible anniversary gift a gamer girfriend has created to celebrate the event. The Hama Beds Princess Zelda Art!
Link is for sure a cool and badass hero in the video games realm but the source of his courage and determination is her, Princess Zelda. She has been the damsel in distress for so long in the Zelda series but in recent years her character has decided to step into action, especially in Breath of the Wild title and the beat 'em up series Super Smash Bros. showing her warrior side!

Not matter how much angry and aggressive a woman can become :D she will never lose her sweet and feminine side as shown by the marvellous gift made by redditor Kmfdm138 girlfriend's for him to celebrate their anniversary. A very detailed custom portrait of Princess Zelda made of Hama Beds! Considering the dimension and the shading of the artwork, it probably took several weeks to be completed, but remember gamers, the power of love can overcome any obstacle!

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