This N64 Zelda Breath of the Wild cartridge is surely the rarest one you will ever seen!

By Peter Galvagno - 14/12/2017

Nintendo is a gigant in the gaming industry due its incredible gaming systems that during the years have conquered the hearts of million of gamers! Today we are making a jump straight into the past but always looking into the present with this amazing Zelda Breath of the Wild N64 cartridge!

The best game of 2017 on N64? How is that even possible??? Well art can make any dream become reality and this time it's thanks to the great skills of the artist known with the nickname of Jojo from WrestleToys that we can admire such a singularity gamers!

What makes this custom N64 cartridge really outstanding is for sure the great attention to details its creator put into it! From the cartridge game label to the custody cover everything looks absolutely legit!

This tiny collector's gem has already been sold for just 18,50$ but its artistic value is a lot higher and it will puzzle a lot of people for sure!

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