This Amazing Zelda Cat Will Make You Feel Motivated To Go Through 2018!

By Peter Galvagno -02/01/2018

Here we are gamers, year 2018 has just begun and the best way to celebrate it on VGN is of course an outstanding viral gaming news that will put a big smile on your face! Here we go Zelda the cat!

Everybody loves cats, even people who owns dogs, so if you are a pet owner and a gaming lover this cute Zelda feline cosplayer is what you need to make your day!

Being a pro model at Cat Cosplay of the Feline variety agency, this sweet cat got the right attitude while dressing like the Nintendo's hero Zelda!

The great attention for details make this New Year's cosplay just amazing. Perfectly fitting green outfit, Hyrule shield on the back, the Master Sword hanging from the belt and even a golden coat of mail underneath!

Zelda the cat teaches us a great lesson. Everything can be achieved with hard word and the right attitude for sure! Happy New Year from VGN gamers!


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