This "linkboy" is the perfect mix between art and retro gaming nostalgia!

113.7K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 16/09/2017

There are gaming consoles that never get old and without a doubt the tiny Gameboy is one of them! Today's viral news is all about a really cool mod that combine the immortal Zelda saga and the Nintendo's handheld gem: here we go the Linkboy gamers!

The Gameboy revolutionized the videogames industry back in 1988, giving to gamers the power to play their favourite games really everywhere! We are talking about immersive masterpieces such as Metroid, Pokémon RPGs, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel and of course Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, the game that inspired the badass mod you can admire above!
Made by ASM Retro, the "Linkboy" is a colorful and really eye-catching tribute not only to the Zelda universe but first and foremost to an era where simplicity was able to give us hours of fun and unforgettable memories that are still vivid after so many years!

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