Artist Creates Such An Amazing Majora's Mask That It Will Make You Look Twice!

By Peter Galvagno -03/01/2018

The gaming world is full of marvels and here at VGN we scan the web daily to find the most amazing ones for you gamers and what we have found today will surely blow your mind! Here we go the most detailed Majora's Mask ever created gamers!

Zelda video games franchise is one of the most famous out there and even after 32 years from the first game release, it still manage to hook up million of players all over the world!

The incredible piece of art we are showing you today is of course inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask title released on N64 in 2000!

The talented artist behind this gaming tresure is Nick ODonnell from Saratosa (FL), specialized in 3D printing manufacturing and air brush!

Starting from a 3D File Designed by Lucidhack on, Nick's Mask is a true gem for any Zelda video games fan as the handpaint work on it is really something out of this world!


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