Amiibo toys let you unlock treasures in Zelda breath of the wild

Peter Galvagno - 12/03/2017

There's always more than meets the eyes, especially in the video games world filled with hidden treasures and mysteries and for the most viral game news chosen by gamers today we talk about Amiibo toys and the unlockable treasures of Zelda Breath of the wild.

Many gamers love to collect figurines dedicated to his/her favourite video game and nowadays thanks to technology these little statue allow them to even unlock hidden treasures and get new incredible items such new weapons and armors.

A really smart marketing strategy indeed to hide inside a figurines hidden treasures but we all know that gamers are a smarter breed, always able to find an efficient solution for any problems.

As a matter of fact some gamers during the past few days have already figured out how to crack the time limit that force them to wait 24 hours before to get a new treasure from the Amiibo statuette once activated by putting it close to the Nintendo Switch special sensor. Setting the Switch's internal clock ahead by a day you can get all the treasures you want all at once!
If you need a rare and extremely powerful Falcon Bow for your next journey on Zelda Breath of the wild it is time to push your luck a little more gamers!

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