What if Zelda Breath of the Wild was a massive multiplayer game?

Peter Galvagno - 16/03/2017

In the era of global communication video games are more successful than ever, especially because nowadays gamers can connect to each other and share their passion and love for gaming everywhere and anytime.

The overwhelming success of Zelda Breath of the Wild and the hundres of communities that born everyday around the Nintendo's masterpiece are the elements that let arised a question that has already become viral on the net: Is Zelda Breath of the Wild secretly a massive multiplayers game? Here we have an answer and also an insight about where the gaming world is heading!

Zelda Breath of the Wild is surely a wonderful game that has hooked up millions of gamers in just few weeks but the real success is just about to begin as what is making and will make it a real phenomena is the communities built around it and their connection.

Everytime time a gamer manage to achieve a goal in the game he/she has promptly shared the discovery with the gaming community starting a chain reaction of comments, ideas and discussions about it letting Zelda become not only the game of the moment but also the hottest topic for gamers and video games blogs as well, showing how powerful gaming networks are for the industry and social platforms.

The common efforts that gamers have put into Zelda Breath of the Wild has no equal and it will for sure start a new trend of true "social gaming" where people interact with each other in the real world to solve a game, played by millions of people but yet expirienced individually by each gamer, associating a new meaning to the word multiplayer.

A single game capable of move millions of people seems to be the evolution of multiplayer gaming where every gamers collaborate to share and increase a passion and more than being competitive against each other now they work together to solve challenges and communicate about it on huge social communities. Are we assisting to an evolution of gaming?

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