Zero Escape trilogy has been released!

Peter Galvagno - 25/03/2017

Visual novels are a brainy video games genre that is able to hook up even hardcore action-games addicts through their great story line, mysteries and twists and today's viral news chosen by gamers is about one masterpiece series and all the novelty it brings with it: Zero Escape trilogy!

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games is the name of the trilogy that came out yesterday on PS4, Vita and PC and it seems that the first 2 games have been remastered to make the game expirience even more addicting!

If the remastering of Virtue’s Last Reward doesn't show any particular improvements you will for sure be blown away by the great job artists and programmers did with the first chapter of the series with more detailed backgrounds and charaters and more fuctional game mechanics! In 999 developers have added a flowchart that will show you how the plot is progressing based on your choices, giving you a visual clue to remember what changes to make in your next attempt to solve the game...

The last setence surely sound really strange if you are completely new to this wonderful Visual Novel series and that's because you have to know that in order to solve 999 mystery you will have to play the game several times in order to find out what are the choices that will lead you to the real ending.
Even though it could seem a tedious task we can assure to you that the game plot is so interesting and well crafted that it will capture you immediately making you desire to know everything behind this incredible mystery puzzle title!

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