The Bliss of Winning the Poker Games

Have your opponents not evolved over time? If you got better from 500 hours of live poker or 100,000 hands played online, maybe your more recent results are more representative of your actual skill level  and therefore your ability to be profitable than the average result obtained on the total sample.

The troubling Options

Even more troubling, were your opponents very strong at the start of the sample and did you choose your game better afterwards? Perhaps also that the level of your opponents increases (for example because the worst players do not come back) and if this level increases, your average results on the sample artificially inflate your edge against your current opponents. The fact that you are a winning player after 500 hours of practice can indeed be a clouding indicator of your future ability to beat the more experienced players in your judi bandarq game who have progressed.

How to get a real idea of ​​your level?

There is no simple or heartwarming answer. Although the state of your bankroll or the calculation of your hourly average on a sample of 100,000 online hands or 500 hours of casino play gives an overall picture making it possible to determine whether you are a winning player or not, this should not be used as a substitute for regular review of how you played and the decisions made at the table.

  • There is only one way to really assess your game, whether your short or long term results are positive or negative: you must constantly review and judge the decisions you have made by being as objective as possible.
  • If betting more than the size of the pot is a move that is still little used in tournaments, due to the depth of the medium stacks, it is much more so in cash games. It can be particularly useful in live, where players are regularly caved to 300 blinds or more: it is indeed possible to juggle the size of his bets by creating complex situations for our opponents, particularly against ranges say “capped” (that is to say a range of hands not containing the max games).


Earlier this year, a team of players considered to be among the best in the world suffered a stinging defeat against Libratus, an artificial intelligence developed by a university. One of the factors that has plagued human players? We give it to you in thousand: the use of the overbet by the computer. The pros found themselves in a lot of sticky situations, facing bets from twice to five times the size of the pot. Difficult, in these conditions, to adapt quickly and play your ranges optimally.