5 Things You Didn’t Know About Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar for real money is the most played and most cherished card game in India. It is loved by Indians across the country and by people across all demographics.

It is fairly easy to play. Furthermore, the rules are extremely easy and one can learn them very quickly. Andar Bahar’s simple rules have made it the favorite card game in India throughout the ages, with Teen Patti coming in as close second.

In this article, we will look at 5 such things that you may not have known previously about this great game.

It is also called Katti

Yes, Andar Bahar is a more modernized name. The name Andar Bahar got its prominence thanks to the rise in online casinos. However, if you were to still visit some villages around the Ganges, you will find people enjoying a round of Katti.

Not only that, Andar Bahar is called lots of different names in different communities. Thanks to the incredible diversity of the Indian population, Andar Bahar has many names.

From Desi to Videsi

Andar Bahar is as Indian as it gets. However, now with the rise in technology and online casinos, Andar Bahar is not only enjoyed by the Indians but by people around the world.

Forget online casinos, due to Andar Bahar’s popularity, many reputed land-based casinos around the world now have dedicated Andar Bahar tables. Whether we are talking about Vegas, Atlantic City, or arguably World’s gambling capital Macau, Andar Bahar is now beginning to feature in their casinos.

This is evidence of the growing fan base of Andar Bahar within the international gambling community.

Andar Pays Slightly Less

If you are just starting in Andar Bahar, you’d be surprised to know that the game “probabilities of halves” Andar Bahar pays slightly less when you bet at Andar and win.

Well, the reason for this is because most dealers and casinos after showing the master card begin handing out cards from the Andar side.

When that happens, Andar comes at a clear advantage.

To offset this advantage, casinos pay out slightly less when you bet at the Andar side and win.

However, it is unlikely but if you end you in a casino where they start handing out cards from the Bahar side, you will see that the payout odds for the Bahar side will be a little less.

Side Bets

Many people, especially ones who are just starting do not know that you can bet on many different things other than which side gets the master card first.

These are what are called the side bets.

There are different kinds of side bets. However, you should be cautious because these have very big payout odds so naturally, you will lose your money if you do not know what you are betting at.

If you are just starting, stay away from side bets. However, know that Andar Bahar has more to than just the main bet.

Side bets include master cards’ suite, how many cards will be dealt before the master card comes out, or what the master card itself will be.

They all have different and specific odds which you will find on your screen when you play online Andar Bahar.

Types of Online Andar Bahar

Many online casinos have a different version of Andar Bahar available. Some are Indianized to cater to more Indian audiences whereas some are more westernized to cater to an international audience.

Based on the time available for you to bet, there is normal speed Andar Bahar and Fast-paced Andar Bahar.

So, which one of these interesting things about Andar Bahar you didn’t know?