A Beginner’s Guide to Online Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing has existed since the first humans harnessed the strength of the wild beast for their gain. We started betting on these races almost immediately.

If you do all of the necessary research and get lucky, betting on the horses can be lucrative. Horse racing does not have to be a losing proposition for novices.

This horse racing primer will teach you the fundamentals. From there, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of horse racing. Betting on the horses can be one of the most enjoyable forms of online gambling available.

If you’re going to bet on horse races online, make sure you’re doing so with a reputable and secure site.

Straight Wagers

Straight bets are the most popular in horse racing. These bets are Win, Place, and Show, which indicate a first, second, or third-place finish.

So you find a horse you like and place a bet on any of the three for as little as $2. The far more common wager, however, is a $6 wager across the board.

If you bet across the board, you win if your horse finishes in the top three. Some tracks have reduced their minimum bet to $1, allowing you to wager as little as $3 on a Win, Place, or Show bet.

Only if the horse you choose wins the race outright will the Win bet protect you. These bets have the highest payouts, and if you’re lucky enough to land on a long shot, you might win a lot of money.

Place bets are wagers on whether a horse will finish first or second. The return on these bets isn’t as high as the win bet, but you’ll still make money.

If the horse finishes in the top three, place bets cover the horse. Still, for every dollar wagered, the return on investment is usually less than $1. Nonetheless, it’s preferable to losing.

The process of determining which pony to back can be as distinctive as the hats worn at the Kentucky Derby. I started my horse racing career by picking the horse with the best odds and the coolest name on the board.

I didn’t strike it rich with my decidedly elementary scheme, which is unsurprising. But, contrary to popular belief, I didn’t lose nearly as much as you might think.

Despite the financial hit, I had never had so much fun. It didn’t sound like I was gambling. I was spending $6-10 on entertainment at a time.

Race Betting Tools

There are a few strategies that can help you have a better time at the horse races. These useful guides usually cost little more than a few dollars and provide a wealth of knowledge that beginners would not have.

The racetrack software is an important tool in any horse bettor’s arsenal. These services provide important information about and race and horse for the day.

These are similar to baseball game software, but they contain more detail and less fluff. These useful brochures provide information on the horses, trainers, owners, and jockeys.

For both beginners and veterans, the racetrack program is well worth the money.

Many savvy horse race gamblers would purchase a handicapper’s tip sheet. These tips are normally $3-5 and include expert picks for each race of the day. Keep in mind that paying for picks would affect your bottom line. Even so, beginners will significantly shorten their learning curve by paying a few dollars for an insider’s perspective.

Another tool created by the men and women who live and breathe horse racing is the daily racing cover. These small booklets include an in-depth look at each horse in the day’s lineup, as well as patterns and previous performance.

When a novice begins betting on horses, all of these techniques would be extremely useful. Although not every pick would be a winner, the data will help you understand the reasoning behind the choices.

You may then apply the same logic to future decisions.