Can gambling turn into addiction?

Gambling is a game of betting many in hope of winning a prize while undertaking a significant amount of risk. Gambling was made popular in India by the British and has since been viewed as a popular pastime by many Indians. Many people all over the world indulge in gambling as it is an interesting activity that gives you an adrenaline rush. It can be quite stimulating as it involves using your mental prowess to maximize your chances of winning, which can be done with the help of calculations and statistics.

Why Gambling is So Famous?

There are many games of 은꼴, 야짤 gambling, such as blackjack, poker, slot machines, casino games, scratchcards, bingo, lotteries, etc. Some gambling games are purely based on luck and chances, while some others also involve skill along with luck. Gambling by betting on sporting events requires skill as the outcome depends on the skill and performance of the players. Gambling is a popular recreational activity and enjoyed by many. But gambling can turn into a problematic habit or an addiction when a person’s gambling habits are not kept in check and go out of control.

Who Identified Gambling as an Addiction?

Robert L. Custer, a psychiatrist, was the first to identify gambling addiction in his patients. He is considered the pioneer in treating gambling addiction. He identified six main types of gamblers, ranging from casual gamblers to seriously addicted gamblers. So, just like any other addiction, even gambling can become an addiction if your gambling habits are not controlled. Gambling gives an adrenaline rush to the gambler when they are playing or when they win or lose. Feeling excited about an activity is normal, but it can develop into a problem if this excitement is not controlled.

You can spot a gambling addiction when the person reacts in an extreme manner to gambling events as well as wins and losses. When someone turns to gamble as their primary source of entertainment, it may not be very problematic, but still should be controlled to a certain extent. Some people, or addicts, turn to gamble so that they can avoid dealing with underlying feelings of trauma and stress, which is not a healthy practice. There are some others who display aggressive behavior, irritability, and compulsive behavior among some other problematic traits, which is an indicator of a serious gambling addiction problem.

Liking an activity and wanting to do it often is not problematic. It may become a hurdle if it hinders your day to day functioning and causes more harm than good for you; socially, physically, financially, and mentally. Some people who are professional gamblers may think it is okay to indulge in their work. While that is true, what one must bear in mind is that overdoing anything does not do any good for anyone and the same applies to recreational activities like gambling as well.


So to answer the question of whether gambling can turn into an addiction, the answer is yes. This, like any other addiction, is difficult to deal with but can be treated with the proper professional help.