Crown and Anchor: Play these renowned casino games

Crown and Anchor is one of the oldest and popular games in the world of casino. This game mainly originated in India in the state of Arunachal Pradesh during the 18th century. Now the popularity of this game has spread across the world. You can now get this game at Malaysia online casino. This is a kind of dice game and it is played with 6 dice of six sizes. On each side of the dice, there is a symbol and each symbol is different from one another. The six symbols of the dice are – spade, diamond, heart, club, face, and flag.

How to play Crown and Anchor in an online casino?

Crown and Anchor are one of the most interesting games among all the games in the casino world. This game can provide you hours of interactive or solitary fun but it certainly needs a combination of skills and some luck for winning the game. However, this is not a very challenging game, and it will give you the feeling of playing ludo. Unlike ludo, the numbers are replaced by the symbols in this game and for winning the game you have to place the bet and guess which symbol will appear face-up. 

Crown and Anchor come up with many variations of this game and all the variations have a different name but the style of playing the game is the same. But before you play the game, it is very important to sit down and know the variation of the game you are playing to make the strategy to win the game.  

While playing the game, make sure that you avoid playing patterns since the next roll’s result may not have the same odds as that of the previous roll. Again while playing this game online the heart symbol may be shown many times but it does not mean that you are likely to have the heart symbol in your next role. Just like in a casino, you will often see hot and cold symbols while playing the game online. The hot symbols are those which are shown most of the time whereas the cold symbols are those which are shown fewer number times. A particular symbol may be shown as hot or cold but no matter what symbol is showing more or less the odds does not get changed for any roll.   

The best thing about this disc game is that the potential return of this game is 97.40%. You can play this for real money as well as free for fun. However, playing this game online provides you more options than that playing offline. But do not forget to play this kind of online casino game from any unauthenticated sites otherwise there will always be a risk of losing money. Hence, you should always play this casino game from an authenticated site like Dafabet as this site is free from any kind of scammers attract.