Eat and Drink Verification Guide

They eat and drink guide requires players to eat all of the possible combinations of food in the game.

This guide is here to help you eat everything that is listed in-game. You can use it as a checklist while playing or refer back to this article when you eat something new; if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to leave comments on updates, the information I may have missed, etc., so others who are also working on eating everything will be able to see it too! It’s important to note that all recipes must be made at a cooking station – not by hand – in order for them to count towards your eat/drink list. Some items have separate cooking stations for preparation instead of combining at a cooking station, but anything that combines at a cooking station will eat/drink-wise count as one item.

There are two sections to this eat and drink 검증사이트 guide: anss eat list and a drink list. This is because if you eat food or drink beverages whose recipes have been discovered before starting your playthrough of this game, they will not eat/drink anything new. However, if you eat/drink items whose recipes have yet to be discovered in your playthroughs of this game, then these items will eat/drink something new.

Whenever you eat or drink an item included in this eat and drink guide, make sure to quickly open your character menu (hold R2) and make a note of the following four things:

1) what items you eat/drink,

2) how many of each item you eat/drink,

3) in what order you eat/drink them,

4) in what order do the status effects appear on your screen.

These are important things to take note of when playing because many items have bonus effects when eaten together that will either stack or cancel each other out depending on when they are eaten relative to each other. If certain bonuses are not being given when eating certain combinations, look through all of the previous points until you find which items you eat/drink before and after eating the item giving you problems.

Often, something you eat or drink after the problem-causing item will remove the bonus preceding it. If neither of these methods works to fix your eat/drink issue, feel free to either come back here or comment on this article with a list of what items you eat/drink.