Improve Poker Skills

Efficient Ways to Improve Poker Skills

In the fast-moving poker world, improving is a must. If you’re not developing your game regularly, you are falling behind to competitors who are dedicating a lot of time to bettering themselves. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to hear they have to dedicate time and money to getting better. They want shortcuts to success. Like most endeavours you can’t master poker overnight. However, we do have some suggestions on how to improve your skills efficiently. Check out our tips in this article…

Use Spreadsheets

Most of us have spreadsheets of some description on our laptops and PCs. Heck, even our mobiles have spreadsheets. We recommend taking advantage of this software to either track session results or create your own hand charts. Hand charts can easily be made by drawing up tables and entering the hands you think are profitable from specific seats. You can use a poker excel sheet for any manner of useful things, it’s a great tool that costs very little so give it a try.

Listen to Experts

There is no excuse for aspiring professionals not to improve these days. We’re living in a time where this a wealth of free content and educational material around. Whether you prefer YouTube or podcasts, you can listen to experienced poker professionals offer practical tips on how to play poker well. Have a look and find the best poker podcasts for you.  It’s amazing because these players share secrets that took years for themselves to learn. Yet here they are, sharing it with us for free or a very low price. We recommend listening to experts regularly, taking notes and learning how to implement their teachings into your game.

Rail Bigger Games

Another way to improve fast is to watch games which are higher than your own. It’s awesome that we can rail games where we are not involved as you can identify what better players are doing and replicate similar strategy. It can be achieved by railing tournaments or cash games and works both online or live. This way of improving your skill is rarely mentioned by other poker sources but it’s very effective and something we suggest to our readers. Now, as we know this post is about efficiency, we don’t suggest you watch hours on end. Perhaps dedicate 30 minutes a week to watching a bigger game and note-taking?

Hand Range Analysis Software

Our final tip is to familiarise yourself with hand range analysis and the software available. It’s a relatively new area of poker that is really taking grip. Experts recognise the need for this with the shift to game theory optimal poker. This tip is really for those of you that are experienced already. Otherwise, the concepts on hand range analysis will be over your head. We recommend software like Flopzilla. By learning how to play ranges instead of looking for tells you will be taking your game up a level or two, particularly at lower stakes where a smaller percentage are utilising this type of software away from the table.

Image Source: Pixabay