Casino – Detailed instructions for playing Mau Binh from A to Z

“Guide to playing cards Mau Binh” is today’s topic of We will help you to find out the details of all matters relating to the rules of the game and the association. Through this article, you can play immediately.

Linking the cards in Mau Binh:

We will list the links from the minimum and ascending to growing. Looking at this link will make it easy for you to arrange cards. Especially through this, players also easily know how big and small cards are when compared to the opponent.

  • “Mậu Thầu”: is when your cards are not linked together.
  • “Đôi”: is a case where each hand has from 1 to 2 “đôi”, the rest are odd cards
  • “Thú”: If your hand has 2 “đôi”, there are no “đôi” in the last limb
  • “Sám”: Is a concept to read 3 cards with the same number
  • “Sảnh”: is the term Mau Binh used to refer to 5 cards that are linked together seamlessly.
  • “Thùng”: is a concept of only 5 cards of the same suit but discrete
  • “Cù Lũ”: 1 Sam + 1 Pair on the first and middle limbs is called the Cu Lu
  • “Tứ Quý”: is a simple term that can be seen immediately, they are quarter 2 to any A.
  • “Thùng phá Sảnh”: 5 cards linked together and of the same suit

Gamers please understand our guide to playing cards Mau Binh about terminology then learn about how to play.

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How to play the Mau Binh card?

2 people are able to play Mau Binh. The minimum amount of this game is 4 people. Each person will start with 13 cards. Counterclockwise division is like playing a forward game card. After receiving the cards, players will have 90 seconds to think about their cards. Thirteen cards will be divided into 3 groups, the first 2 groups are divided into 5 cards. The last group consists of 3 cards. Gamers of Mau Binh must ensure that the first group must be stronger than the back group.

After the time arranging cards is over, players will turn to face each other to compare the high and low. If there are players in the game playing white, the other 3 people do not need to compare the cards. If strong and weak equally, then divide the chicken. When to eat white or when to eat usually will be detailed below:

The cases of Mau Binh won completely:

  • “Rồng cuốn”: The highest value of complete winning. “Rồng cuốn” will consist of 13 cards from 2 to A homogenous
  • “Sảnh Rồng” was basically the same as “Rồng cuốn”. But the value is lower because 13 cards are not necessarily of the same suit. As long as they connect seamlessly from 2 to A
  • “Năm đôi một sám”: With this post, you have the upper hand. If there are no dragons or dragons you will win
  • “Lục phé bôn”: This is the term used to refer to 6 “đôi” and 1 odd card
  • “Ba thùng”: each group has one box you will win completely
  • “Ba sảnh”: All 3 groups are “sảnh”, you will also win completely

Above we sort complete winning from largest to smallest. Our guide to playing Mau Binh will be more detailed with other types of Mau Binh matching

The cases of Mau Binh usual winning

  • “Sám chi cuối”: Last groupset last called sám chi last
  • “Cù lũ chi 2”: The player wins the opponent at group 2
  • “Tứ quý chi đầu”: You will get 4 bets on the first quarter win
  • “Tứ quý chi 2”: 8 times the bet on the 2nd quarter win
  • “Thùng phá sảnh chi đầu”: The first match-winning which is “thùng phá sảnh” will increase the bet by 5 times
  • “Thùng phá sảnh chi 2”: If the first only wins 5 times of the bet, then in the second match-winning you will win up to 10 times of the bet


We hope that this detailed guide to playing Mau Binh will bring you the best game experience and how to arrange the details in Mau Binh.

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