Guidelines for reading the card layout like a master, part 1 ,

 how is the card layout? It is a term that is often discovered from researching guidelines. or a way to win baccarat for “cards or cards” in that game of baccarat To clarify, it is a reading of the design of the cards. Which helps us to calculate more easily what the next game image will be. Which has been created as a successful formula for comfort and convenience for practical use Because inplaying baccarat in online casinos there is a limited time, calculating or counting cards that are difficult will not be possible if we do not skilled enough

Of course, just this distribution may not see that the “counting of Betflix Baccarat cards” is in fact necessary to do. And what kind is it? Today we bring you 8 examples of popular playing cards for readers to understand each other in depth!

1. Dragon card layout

Theft of this style of playing cards Looking at the stats table, it is the same as the dragon’s tail. because the line is long Therefore, changing it to be called the dragon card, which is the winner on either side. Win multiple times in a row. When this card is issued Most gamblers prefer to play by placing garden bets, for example when the dealer wins 7 consecutive turns. Many people like to have the idea that

They’ve been stuck together for too long. However, there has to be one time to land on the Player, so bets are placed on thePlayer’s side and then this is a wrong betting process. Because when going out to one side a lot, it’s always liked to be close to each other often. from previous experience I’ve seen 17 consecutive dragon card designs.

2. Ping-Pong layout.

ping pong deck There is a card issue that alternates back and forth similar to hitting ping pong. Likewise, the dealer, player, banker, player, banker, player alternate back and forth like this. When the card layout comes out like this, let us make alternating bets until the card master will come out a winner regularly.