How to Bet on Football: Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginners

Football is the most popular sport in Russia. It is a game that is played by both pros and amateurs. In addition, millions of people tune in to watch professional athletes compete. Football betting is preferred by sports enthusiasts and bettors, albeit not everyone succeeds in beating the bookmaker in this regard.

In this post, we’ll look at the common mistakes made by gamers and offer advise. Our suggestions can assist you in winning more bets at bookmakers.

Common blunders

It’s a good idea to borrow someone else’s betting experience before getting started in order to prevent making costly blunders. Among them, the following stand out:

  1. Taking high-risk bets

There is a “value betting” strategy, but beginners frequently utilise it wrong, which is why their initial deposit is soon depleted. Overestimated odds aren’t always a positive sign for placing a wager, so we always do our homework before placing a wager.

Barcelona, for example, is regarded as one of the top clubs in La Liga, therefore the odds for their matches rarely exceed 1.3. The exception is when playing against other big clubs, like as Real Madrid or Atlético Madrid.

Don’t rush to place a wager if the bookmaker has placed 2 odds on Barcelona’s triumph. Even against the championship’s outsiders, the team’s chances of winning are substantially lowered if key players are injured.

  1. Money management that is illiterate

The majority of the time, users wager on the entire deposit. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and the bet will win, but in the long run, such a technique will always result in losses. After a loss, the user typically feels compelled to earn back his money, so he deposits again, places enormous bets, and loses again.

We learn to bet only a little portion of the deposit in order to stop this cycle, which is clearly losing for the player. As a result, one stake should represent for 1-5 percent of the player’s whole money.

  1. Making a wager on your favourite team

One of the most typical blunders made by bettors. True supporters of a team are often unable to appraise the power of the opponent in a preparatory match objectively. The football prediction is incorrect due to this conviction in triumph.

In this circumstance, there is just one piece of advice: don’t gamble on matches involving your favourite football team.

  1. Reluctance to look into the history of betting

The majority of gamers do not keep track of how profitable their bets are. Even if betting is unprofitable, calculating how much money a user has lost is challenging. Furthermore, the lack of transparent accounting makes it impossible to calculate the strategy’s performance or distinguish between excellent and bad rate estimates.

You must do your own bookkeeping if you truly want to routinely make money on bets.

  1. Registration at a single bookmaker’s establishment

One bookmaker is preferred by a newcomer. He does not want to visit many sports betting websites at the same time. As a result, he places a wager with a lower coefficient, and in the event of a pass, he loses money, which would otherwise enable him make money in a month of gambling.

Professional sports bettors must have multiple accounts with different bookies at the same time. As a result, we prioritise companies who have a greater coefficient for the event of interest.

It also allows you to participate in numerous promotions. Bonus hunting has a good impact on betting profits as well. Don’t forget about other bookmakers.

  1. Signing up with shady bookmakers

Although the network employs a huge number of bookies, not all of them are licenced by the Russian Federation’s government. If the user prefers to deal with a licenced bookmaker, his rights will be safeguarded under the law. This means he will always win a significant bet and be able to withdraw the money to his account. Otherwise, we’ll file a lawsuit against the bookmaker.

The situation is different when working with illicit bookies. If the bookmaker refuses to pay out the bet’s profits, the user’s only recourse is to submit a review on one of the independent betting sites.

The Bottom Line: Football Betting Tips

Based on the mistakes, we’ve put together a quick list of guidelines and suggestions to help you win at betting:

We open 3-4 accounts with legal bookmakers; we do not bet on our favourite team; we compare odds with different bookmakers to find the best offer; we keep track of all bets and analyse our own mistakes, and if we lose over a long period of time (a month), we change our strategy; we only bet a small percentage of the bank to avoid draining the account; we only bet a small percentage of the bank to avoid draining the account; we only bet a small percentage of


Regardless of what the other users have to say, making money on bets is a real possibility. To accomplish this, we choose an effective method and follow a few simple principles. In 1-2 months, concrete results should be available.

Have you been placing bets on football matchups for a long time? Leave a comment about your experience. Your feedback will assist other newcomers in generating money at bookmakers.