How to Win at Dragon Poker

Dragon Poker is one in all the 2 mini-games one will play to win tokens in Peurto Valor’s casino. There are 3 different poker tables out there with varied minimum bet needs. up to now, I’ve solely been allowed to play at the one and ten token tables. the woman at the hundred tokens table claims that Hero is just too young to be taking part in high stakes poker.

Anyway, you’ll obtain tokens for twenty gold coins from each one at the peddling space within the casino, with fifty tokens being an honest start line at the inexperienced table.

The Winning Hand

Before beginning a game of poker, you’ll be allowed to alter the number of tokens you would like to bet for every set of cards dealt, and you’ll even have one likelihood to modify out any card or maybe all the cards you don’t like. the sport is lost if you don’t get a winning hand once requesting a modification of cards.

In Dragon Poker, the winning combos are shown at the highest of the screen and follow similar rules as a real-life card game. within the case of the secretion Flush, I guess that it’s a poker hand consisting of associate degree all-slime suit.

When you do get a winning combination, confirm you bear in mind to stay all the winning cards before choosing “Deal”. Otherwise, you’ll lose those cards once they are replaced. As for winnings, the quantity of tokens you get depends on the kind of hand you had and also the bet you created before the sport started.

I would counsel staying at the inexperienced table till you’ve racked up a minimum of 2000 tokens, then you’ll move up to the blue table and reach the bet to a hundred tokens per game. That way, it’ll be a lot of easier to win massive as you play Double-or-Nothing.

You can play Double-or-Nothing for an opportunity to any increase your winnings on every occasion you prevail in a card game. All you would like to try to here is choose a card that’s higher in price than the one shown on the left. Your winnings will double with each correct guess and may continue till you lose or conceive to stop.

Losing takes away all of your winnings from that specific game, whereas stopping helps you to keep all the tokens you won up till that time. My recommendation is to perpetually quit whereas you’re ahead.

I tend to select the second card from the left and also the card farthest to the proper. the upper price cards are sometimes (but not always) there. you’ll strive to do a similar factor once unsure because it would a minimum of win you a couple of rounds before quitting.

Once you discover a treasure card, the chest can stay till you unlock it. that means it won’t disappear albeit you lose poker games. you’ll simply continue removing the locks at succeeding Double-or-Nothing chance.


The prize exchange counter (marked with a chest icon on the map) is wherever you trade your tokens for things. These are largely rare things starting from formula books, consumables, and instrumentality together with weapons and armour.

The majority of those things do price quite a fortune but, thus you’ll be hanging around the casino for a jiffy if you would like all of them.

Most of those things will be listed multiple times whereas a couple of just like the formula book and also then up and cash up armour are solely out there for trade once.