Introducing the Different Kinds of Game Cheating Devices

The advancement of technology brought so many changes to our world. Some things seem impossible to do, however, by the use of a machine it happens. Every day, a new device is invented, that helps mankind. Whether in the field of education, medicine, or other business industry. The main purpose of this new technology is to make life easier.

In the world of games, there are devices as well that were developed for cheating. This is a great help for players, who love to win. If you’re looking for one, you can check They are a professional manufacturer of card contact lenses to see marked cards. They also have a marker game card, scanner which are used to analyze marked cards. They are also famous for their high-end marking technology. Also, many other products related for you to try on.

Here are some of their new products:

  • One to One Barcode Marked Cards- is a new kind of marked card that is marked with a new kind of ink on the barcode. This is for new kinds of scanner cameras to read for game analyzers. It is not the IR marked neither cards for the IR camera nor the invisible marked cards for contact lenses. It is not the normal barcode marked cards, only the new kind of cameras can scan these marked cards.
  • New card game analyzer- the latest model is the Samsung analyzer. It is an upgraded and multifunctional analyzer. No one will notice this device since it looks like a normal phone. It operates in making calls, surfing online, send messages even play music. This new device can scan the barcode marked cards and send signals to the analyzer. It shows the result on the screen or gives you the result of the game by the earpiece.
  • Scanning camera for Moving cards- game scanner cameras have a vital role in scanning. Some customer when buying a scanner camera provides the specification they want. They informed the exact distance between the cards they need. This moving card scanner refers to the camera that enables you to scan moving playing cards. As well as the card game on the table. It is the most level-up and recent technology for cheating related to card games so far.
  • Specialized One on One Earphone- Players that are using the analyzers of the scanning system need a mini earpiece. This is to hear the result of card games. This device is safe to use since only the voice of game analyzers can be captured. No need to worry that others can hear the results of your analyzer. It has a control desk for signaling with the receiver and transmitter. The set of One-on-One earphones has a wireless mini earphone, a USB cable, and a signal controller.
  • Cards Reader System of Computer- one of the newest game devices that can read normal clean cards. It’s way different from other game analyzers for it’s a computer instead of a phone. It can also read the normal playing cards and no need for marked cards. This is useful for every card game because it can read every card for you.

All of the players wanted to be the winner, nothing else. Not all the time luck is on your side. You can try to explore other things that will help you.