Online gambling Austria – what is legal?

In this article, our experts from will get to the bottom of what is really legal in online gambling in Austria in 2021. As we will see in the following article, this is not always that clear and easy to answer. As always, when changes are pending in Austria, the mill of the law grinds slowly. Fortunately, in the small Alpine republic, we also have a jurisdiction that absolutely follows common sense.

That sounds a little theoretical, but in Austria no judgments are usually made that are completely unreasonable. In the following we will see in a moment why this is so important for players in online casinos and what it brings to every single gambler. Anyone who is considering daring a game on the Internet and is a little unsure should read this article carefully. Wait, it will be exciting, even when it comes to paragraphs.

The top 10 online casinos for Austria in 2021

In the following ranking, our experts from have put together the best online casino sites for Austria that are absolutely legal. Here Austrians can play safely and carefree and expect fair and exciting games. All of these online gambling sites have been tested and rated by our experts. These are the 10 online casinos that did the best.

In all of these online casinos, our experts at have checked whether there is a legal gambling license. In addition, the welcome bonus on the first deposit and all other bonus offers were tested to determine whether the bonus conditions are fair and can be fulfilled. In addition, the range of games was tested and evaluated in detail. If you are still unsure about this, it is best to register at our number one, the top online casino in the table above.

Online gambling legal in Austria in 2021

The growth in the gaming market has never been as enormous as in 2020 with two lockdowns in Austria. All land-based casinos were closed. Many millions of euros were spent on entertainment on the Internet. Austrians love to have fun. At the same time, Casinos Austria got into a tailspin and the Austrian state gave up the majority of the gaming group without causing a stir. The majority owner is now a consortium from the Czech Republic. Suddenly there are even fewer efforts than before to defend the gambling monopoly against the EU.

Seasoned players have probably already noticed the changes at the only state-run online casino. Strangely enough, there have been cool NetEnt games for a short time and finally a live casino too. Before that, only Austrian casino games from Novomatic were available there. It’s over now. 2021 has already started with a two-month lockdown since November 2020 and all forms of entertainment on the Internet such as online casinos are booming again.