Online Slots History


Gambling has been around for thousands of years, and people resorted to some very creative ways of entertaining themselves through chance and gain. One of the more popular ways today include the use of new technologies we developed, which we crystalized in the form of slot games. First a feature found in entertainment centers sometimes miles away from our residences, now everybody can start playing anytime, anywhere where there is internet connection. Not to mention the amount of choice and variety of games that are at the tip of our fingers.

The first slot ever

The first slot was an innovative wonder because it used a whole new set of mechanics to base its gambling assets. The first slot ever was called the Liberty Bell, a fruit slot machine invented in New York in 1891. The Great Depression next came and this brought a spike in mechanical slots with Nevada being the first that legalized gambling in 1931, paving the road to then young Las Vegas to become the capital of gambling.

Back then slot machines were popular with women who visited casinos with their husbands. While men played poker, black jack, roulette, their significant others were spinning the slots. This brought slot machines to fame, and the new technology has only improved their work and appeal during the rest of the 20th, and the beginning of 21st century.


New Technologies

With the new technologies changed the quality and the possibilities of slots. Each step in the last century brought something new, changing the playing experience around the world.

The Video Slot

Video Slots appeared in the heart of the gambling industry – Las Vegas. In their laboratory, casinos experimented with at the time new technologies that emerged in the television and computation industry.

The first video slot was officially played in 1976 and the flashy neon appeal that was already everywhere at that time was just what the users wanted. This instant success brought video slots with their interactive displays all around the country, to casinos as well as bars and pubs.

The Internet era

This year marks the 24th anniversary of the first xoslot game found on the Internet. In 1996, InterCasino was created to be the first online casino in the world. The beginnings were modest, with only 18 games in offer. The hopes of those who trusted the new medium came true, and now internet gambling industry is a major industry on the internet. InterCasino is still around, alive and kicking.


New Software

With the expansion of gambling and slots demand on the internet, a new form of industry emerged, with big names like Microgaming starting to produce new releases of online slot games. The race for the best slots games has started, and with hundreds of new slot games every year, the improvement of graphics and sound effects astound with immersion and seamlessness.


The Future

It seems that online slot games haven’t put a stop to the land-based counterparts. People still enjoy going to the real casinos. But with an amazing market open at any given time, online slots seem to be a promising industry that is here to stay.