Smart Judi Bola Betting In the Right Pattern

Regardless if you are an experienced operator, or a new bookmaker on the market, they all have something interesting to offer. So it is always a good idea to research any bookmaker comparer since they are very useful when choosing one. Above all, it is one that meets your expectations as a user. So you can fully enjoy sports betting.

Know the origin of the bookmakers

The world of judi bola sports has been around for centuries, in the times of ancient Greece and Rome. Times from which sports that still remain, such as the Olympics, for example, would arise. It would be then that sports betting would begin. When gambling in the famous gladiatorial battles in the ancient coliseum in Rome.

Gambling may have emerged as an informal practice, between friends and colleagues. But little by little it would start to become a real business. Then the first bookmakers in the world emerged.

Throughout their history, sportsbooks have had some ups and downs. This since in the years of the Middle Ages gambling was prohibited. So his practice continued clandestinely. There is a situation that would be seen in other times later.

  • It would not be until centuries later that gambling would become popular again, specifically in the United Kingdom where horse and greyhound racing were of great popularity especially among the upper classes, counting people of the nobility and royalty among its fans.
  • From there, gambling became popular throughout Europe. Bettors started to bet on auto racing and other sports. So measures were taken to legalize and regulate gambling. In this way, players would be safe and fraud or scams would be prevented.


The legalization of gambling with private operators came in 1977. Until then, all casinos and betting houses belonged to the State. But the popularization of these spaces increased thanks to the Internet. But in Spain, it would be in 2011 when online gambling would be legalized. Since then, it has become one of the most important markets in the country.