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This method is interesting but you have to know how to tell yourself that when you have a gain that represents an interesting sum according to you, for example 100 €, you have to take back the initial bet because on a single losing move, you can lose all your earnings.

The Other Methods

There are other martingales but these are the main ones that you can adapt to roulette if you feel like it. In our opinion this is not cost effective, but if you want to give it a try, then try it out for yourself. This is often the best way to get a reliable idea.

Deuces Wild is a very special variation of qq online poker. Among the peculiarities of this game, there is the fact that the four 2s of the deck – it is precisely these cards that are called Deuces, can replace any other card, whatever it is. The combination formed by the player. Also, the user will be tempted to set up a strategy which will be based on this particular characteristic of Deuces Wild. In this variation, the first thing you will need to learn is that a 2 should never be left out of your game.

What there is to know

The above rule applies only to standard Deuces Wild. Other variations of this game such as Loose Deuces and Bonus Deuces use a somewhat different approach. Also note that these two other variations of video poker are perfect for beginners, because they are simpler and less demanding than Deuces Wild. In Deuces Wild, one of the best ways to plan your game is to know exactly the payout ratios for each combination. This will help you tremendously when making a decision.

Because the player can rely on four Deuces cards to help him compose winning combinations, the lowest payout will be three identical cards – that is, three cards of the same rank. For this reason, Deuces Wild is considered more fun than Jacks or Better by confirmed video poker enthusiasts, even if everything is ultimately very relative.

Steps to follow

You will now find a course of action which will explain what actions you must take during a game of Deuces Wild. Valid for both beginners and experienced players, it will allow you to reduce the house advantage significantly.

During a game of Deuces Wild, when you are in possession of two cards 2, keep them at all costs in order to possibly benefit from a third or even fourth similar card. If you succeed, you will secure victory 60% of the time. If you only have one 2, keep all the paying hands. If you have no 2 in your hand, try to make a Pair, or even a Three of a Kind, first. Remember that a Pair and Three of a Kind can lead you to a Full which is paid 4 to 1.