The rise of themed slots in new online casinos

Nowadays, the digital format succeeds in most sectors, since thanks to devices such as smartphones, users remain connected for much of the day. Consequently, online casinos have had an exponential growth in the last years, which has allowed them to include hundreds of new titles in their catalogs. Developers have bet mostly on slot machines, as their operation allows them to get inspired by a wide range of themes, something that has been especially popular among players from free video slots with bonus rounds no download such as

To understand why online slots stand out more than physical ones, it’s essential to take into account that the online catalog is much bigger than the one present in a physical casino. With this in mind, a user will probably prefer to choose a slot machine from his favorite movie than a standard themed one. On the other hand, some of the online casinos have casino bonuses, and therefore those interested can take advantage of offers like free spins. So, if we add to this that they can be played from anywhere and without any schedule, they are a more attractive option for many users.

The themes that success

If we analyze which are the most popular themes in the slots, we will perceive that the plots based on legends and fantasy stories stand out considerably. Proof of this is ‘Kingdoms Rise’, one of the most famous slot machine collections today. It takes us to a fantastic world, which has a certain resemblance to the World of Warcraft. So, when a fan plays one of these slots, he or she not only enjoys the mechanism of the slots, but also discovers the universe of this series of titles.

For example, the beginning of Kingdoms Rise: ‘Chasm of Fear’, a title with 1024 paylines, is more typical of a video game than a slot, since it starts with a boat sailing down a river. As we play, the boat will advance and we will meet different characters through the five reels, as a mermaid, a pirate monkey or a Viking. On the other hand, in Kingdoms Rise: ‘Scorching Clouds’, a slot machine with also five reels and grouped prizes, we will see a kinematics of excellent graphics in which a floating city and a team that protects it through a dome will be shown.

We can also find slots dedicated to internationally known productions such as ‘The X-Files’, which has 20 ways to win and five reels, or ‘The Matrix’, which has 50 pay-lines and five reels. Both slots transport us to the plots they represent through their sound effects, their interface and their different animations.

What do you need to know to make the most of your game?

Look for an interesting promotional bonus to get you started

Make sure before making any deposit, that the operator offers you an attractive welcome bonus. All casinos offer it to their new players, but there are many types. The higher your bonus, the more interesting it will be for you. Usually they double your deposit amount, although there is always a maximum. That’s why it’s advisable to find those with a higher maximum.

Good customer service

Another section to consider is the customer service of a casino. It is convenient to have it in your own language, since it will make things much easier. Then make sure it has a live chat, as it’s the quickest and easiest way to contact an agent and instantly solve your problem.

A specialized email for support is also highly recommended. And finally, a phone number to contact is also ideal.

Find out about casino games and bets

Not all casinos offer the same. Some are more specialized in sports betting and others in casino games. You’ll also find them very complete and offering both options.

You have to know what you are going to play, that’s why it’s important to investigate which are their best games and the requirements you need. If you are passionate about blackjack, find out about the versions it has, its graphics, prizes, or if it has an option to play blackjack in real time, with real croupiers.

Although it seems that all sites offer the same games, there are many differences between them. Also due to the software developers they work with.

Payment and withdrawal facilities in your country

Each country has a series of specific restrictions or facilities, as far as online transactions are concerned. It’s important to know what payment mechanisms the casino offers, so that there are no surprises.

Although nowadays they have practically any option, it’s interesting to see which ones they offer concretely and if it’s possible for us to use them depending on our location.

Option to play from the mobile

Finally, we emphasize the importance of being able to play and bet in that online casino from your cell phone or any tablet with an Internet connection.

Most players access their accounts via mobile, so it’s important that your casino has a good adaptability to smaller devices. If you also have an application available for free download, muchbetter.