Types of bonuses offered in the Ukraine casinos

The excitement of playing in Ukraine casinos has attracted people throughout the world. However, since the last few months, Ukraine gambling industry has gone through a sea change as it has been legalized by the Government in July 2020. The technology used by the Ukraine casinos has offered exciting casino games, which can be played from the comfort of homes without actually visiting a casino.  Traditional casinos in Ukraine will now be available only inside the hotels, but online casinos can be played from anywhere in Ukraine. As such, the popularity of online casinos has increased many folds.

However, due to the availability of the technology, online casino business has become very competitive. As such, to attract people to play on their sites the Ukraine online casinos are offering lucrative bonuses. The best part for the players is that the Ukraine casinos are letting them play free on their sites and bet with actual money after getting a grip on the techniques. However, the players must exert caution as the freebies make players wager more and more and finally lose their money.

Online Ukraine casinos offer various types of bonuses and each of them are carefully designed to make the player play more and pose different conditions. The bonus is actually free money, with some conditions. The main idea is that the player stays longer in the casino and plays more.

All online casinos offer bonuses to attract customers and the same is true for Ukrainian casinos. In this article a list of such bonuses offered in Ukrainian casinos and their features are listed.

Welcome Bonuses:

Almost all casinos offer this bonus.  This bonus is only available when registering for the first time to the casino site. When the player completes the registration formalities, the bonus is immediately added to his/her account. Although a few sites offer welcome bonuses of 500% of the total deposit made by the player, most of them offer about 100 to 200% as welcome bonuses. As mentioned earlier, most of the sites offer welcome bonuses on the first deposit, but there are some sites, which offer bonus on the next deposit as well. There are yet some casino sites that can give surprise by adding money to the initial bonuses in between the games.

No Deposit Bonus:

Ukrainian casinos also offer another lucrative bonus, such as the No Deposit Bonus. This bonus is given to the players after registering on the site, but the best part is that no deposit is required to be made for this bonus.  One can enjoy the game with this money, but at the time of withdrawing the money certain conditions are imposed. Here is the catch, because the required wagering conditions are very challenging as they are higher than normal requirements. So, the players are advised to read carefully between the lines of the conditions before signing up on these sites. It is designed in such a way so that the players can enjoy the game with a free mind without making big money out of this freebie.  Some casinos limit the time of playing with this bonus to a day or a few hours.

Free Spins:

This bonus is particularly applicable for slot games. The Ukrainian casinos offer Free Spins in various forms. These free spins are given so that the player is encouraged to play more and increase his/her chance of winning. If a player gets free spins in any slot and strikes lucky, the winning money can either be added as a bonus or it can be actually added to the player’s account as cash.  Again, some casinos will immediately give the bonus and some casinos will pay the bonus progressively as the player goes on playing. This way the existing and loyal players also can avail the advantage of the bonus.

Reload Bonus:

There are certain other types of bonuses, which are not promoted in the website. These are sent to the player through their registered email. This is also similar to the welcome bonus and is given once the player signs up and makes a deposit.

There are other popular bonuses with which the player can wager but cannot withdraw the money. This is essentially offered to motivate the player to continue playing. He/she can only withdraw the balance money in the account after deducting the bonus.