Types of players you will find in Holdem poker

 Observe them. Their style of play first. In Holdem poker, as in life, you adapt your behavior to the people you are dealing with. There are many different characters, but what interests you here is how they manifest themselves. In reality, each player more or less consciously adopts a style of play.In poker, you can play “wide” or “tight”, “passive” or “aggressive”. In fact, you will meet four types of players, it’s up to you to identify them as best and as quickly as possible. In this article we are going to talk about different types of players you will find in Holdem poker game. Visit this website for pkv games.

The ” broad-passive “

This type of player is the worst. He plays “wide” because he plays almost all hands, indiscriminately. In addition, he calls the bets and only raises once every 36th of the month. He is the ideal client. Above all, do not follow his example. And if he’s a friend, advise him to stop playing poker! Go to this site for pkv games.

The ” wide-aggressive “

He is in every shot and he raises very often. He is often considered a dangerous madman but you have to be wary of him because it all depends on his technical level: if he is an amateur, he will lose in the long run. But if he is a pro (many of them adopt this style today), he is a formidable opponent because he will master all situations, have the right pace in all stages at once and can easily take you, confuse yourself by “reading” yourself like an open book. But you, don’t try to play that style until you’re an expert!

The ” tight-passive “

This one, if it enters a blow,  always has a big play. A hand of first choice. So, beware. But on the other hand, he doesn’t bet very hard. He calls, he calls but only raises when he’s sure he has the winning game. His strategy, if you have identified it, is therefore too predictable for it to really harm you.

The ” tight-aggressive”

This is the player you need to emulate, at least initially. He carefully selects his starting hands, not so much by their absolute value but by their value in the context of the stroke. His judgment is sure. Besides that, he is aggressive in the sense that, when he engages in a move, he does not hesitate to take risks and to bet big. That doesn’t mean he never bluffs. On the contrary, If the situation and the information he has gathered make him feel a weakness in his opponent (s), he knows how to hit hard, even with a draw on a terrifying flop! If you come across a player like that, run away from his table … Or rather, play at his table but avoid hits against him if you can and observe his strategy for inspiration.