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Quick Guide on How to Play Thai Lottery

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〉Register or Log in

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〉Choose Lottery

Pick Lottery from the FUN88 menu,
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〉Select SLC Lottery

To play Thai Lottery, go for SLC Lottery.

The Thai Lottery comes with draws on the 1st and 16th of each month.

Push your luck and bet on your favorite lucky numbers from the Thai Lottery.

Win 901 Baht each for the last three straight numbers (interchangeable) of the First Prize.

If you get the 3 digits at the end of the First Prize, you can claim 141 Baht.

Should you predict the last 2 numbers on the top of the First Prize, collect 95 Baht.

Get 91 Baht each for the 2 lower numbers on the Second Prize.

Finally, receive 141 Baht each for 3 front numbers from the First Prize.

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