Why EuroMillions special Draws Take Some Beating  


EuroMillions lottery in Europe. It has drawings twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, at about 9 pm CET. Ticket sales close about half an hour before the drawing and reopen about an hour after that. The lottery is one of the most commonly played ones globally. And with specific eligibility, anyone is allowed to be a part of the lottery online. 


Payments are given in 13 different winning combinations. These payments are fixed, with the exception of the jackpot; The size of the jackpot prize depends on the number of tickets sold for as low as € 17 million. If no jackpot winner is selected, the money goes to the next drawing to make the biggest jackpot, up to € 250 million.

The three winners have walked away from the previous level – a jackpot of 190 million. No one has won the $ 250 million jackpot yet.

If the EuroMillions jackpot is € 190 million and no winner is drawn, the jackpot will remain at € 190 million for the next draw. Still, the money will be added to the prize in the following category: winners.

If that happens four times, the entire jackpot will be divided among the winners in the next round, where the winning numbers are selected. This is usually at the level where the winners have chosen six of the seven winning numbers, including two lucky stars.

How does the EuroMillions Lottery work?

To win the EuroMillions jackpot, you must carefully choose seven numbers: five regular numbers and two “lucky stars.” Five standard numbers can be in any order, as well as two lucky stars. Standard numbers range between 1 and 50, while Lucky Stars can be between 1 and 12.

A numerical strategy that focuses on choosing the most unpopular numbers can get you a grand prize if you win the jackpot.

You can also choose to have your numbers automatically drawn to you. EuroMillions call this option Lucky Dip.

Winning the jackpot 

Winners of Jackpots are allowed to remain anonymous. They have some time before they claim their prize, which varies from country to country where you bought your ticket. It is a good idea to use that time to find your financial team and plan your affairs.

You must claim your prize in the country where you bought your ticket. Even other countries that sell EuroMillions tickets cannot distribute prizes from tickets not purchased within their jurisdiction.


Beware of scams and lottery offers; you can’t buy tickets on international lines, and you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket on a European tour. If you receive an email or a letter from blue that you are the winner of EuroMillions, you are being scammed. Therefore, you need to be cautious and check the authenticity of any website or source that sends you an e-mail. Many users are these days trying out their luck on this lottery, all online. 

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